Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center Trauma Services Guidelines

TR01 Trauma Team Roles and ResponsibiltiesTR02 Trauma OR ResuscitationTR03 Criteria for Trauma Team ActivationTR04 Digital recording in the Resuscitation BayTR05 Backboard ClearanceTR06 C spine cleance unreliableTR07 C spine cleance reliableTR08 Infant inflicted injury work upTR09 Steroids in SCITR10 Liver Spleen TR11 Trauma Registry TR12 Base Location Registry Agreement TR13 Trauma Registry Agreement TR14 registry Outpatient Inclusion Criteria TR15 registry Liberty Inclusion CriteriaTR22 HTS for Pediatric TBITR23 DVT ProphyTR24 Seizure ProphylaxisTR25 CRAFFTTR26 Neurosurgery Mild TBITR27 Spinal PrecautionsTR28 PCP CommunicationMBT ProtocolTR29 OrthoT Severe TBI